IsoPour 40W401

IsoPour 40W401 is a non-HCFC; slow-reacting; low-exotherm; two-component; hand- or machine-mix; rigid; polyurethane foam system. Its inherent slow initiation time makes it acceptable for hand mixing and pouring into molds or cavities.


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Product Testing

Test PerformedTest Results
Color - ISODark Brown  
Color - POLLight Brown  
Compressive Strength - ASTM D695 - Parallel to Rise51 psi 
Compressive Strength - ASTM D695 - Perpendicular to Rise45 psi 
Cream Time37-45 Seconds 
Foam Tensile - ASTM D162337 psi 
Free Rise Density3.8-4.2 pcf 
Gel Time130-160 Seconds 
Ratio by Volume - ISO:POL1:1  
Ratio by Weight - ISO:POL57.5:50  
Rise Time190-220 Seconds 
Sandwich Shear - ASTM C27380 psi 
Tack Free Time230-270 Seconds 
Water Absorption - ASTM D28429.8 %