Successful formulas start with

one common ingredient:


Being a key provider in our rapidly evolving marketplace requires rigid, sophisticated controls coupled with on-target innovation. This balance is maintained by our dedicated research chemists, engineers, and technicians as well as our management and sales personnel.

Individually, they challenge and validate each other. Collectively, they provide the momentum for a purposeful enterprise that’s nimble enough to respond with an accurate vision and a timely solution.

Along with problem solving skills honed from decades of relationship building on both the client and supply sides, these fundamentals have kept us ahead of the curve. And our dedication to maintaining the quality of these relationships is as stable as our products.

So if you’re looking for a new or improved chemical solution, (and as you’re already visiting us here anyway), why not connect with us at (800) 234-6300 right now?

Thank you,   Forest A. Knight, President