IsoFloat 20C402

IsoFloat 20C402 is a 100% CFC/HCFC-free; slow-reacting; two-component; machine-mix; rigid; polyurethane foam system designed in particular for the flotation market. This system is designed for good flowability to fill cavities in boats and other flotation devices.



  • Floating docks
  • Marine Assemblies


  • 1:1 System by volume
  • Slow Reacting
Product Types



Product Testing

Test PerformedTest Results
Closed Cell Content - ASTM D622683.23 % 
Color - ISODark Brown Amber  
Color - POLlight Brown  
Compressive Strength - ASTM D695 - Parallel to Rise27 psi 
Compressive Strength - ASTM D695 - Perpendicular to Rise20 psi 
Cream Time35-45 Seconds 
Foam Tensile - ASTM D16231.9-2.1 pcf 
Free Rise Density2 pcf 
Gel Time190-230 Seconds 
K Factor, initial per inch - ASTM C518.199  
R value, initial per inch5.030  
Ratio by Volume - ISO:POL1-1  
Ratio by Weight - ISO:POL110-100  
Rise Time305-360 Seconds 
Tack Free Time330-420 Seconds 

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December 18, 2020