IsoBond UTN 5111

IsoBond® UTN 5111 is a 1 component urethane adhesive designed for use as a structural adhesive. It has been certified to ASTM C557 and CA 25-4. It can be used for adhering wood studs; plywood; OSB; and gypsum. UTN 5111 is non-sag and has a fast set and short clamp time and is available in cartridges; pails and drums.


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Technical Data Sheet


  • Gypsum
  • OSB
  • Plywood
  • Wood, Foam, Plastics, Other natural products


  • Fast set time
  • Non SAG
  • Short Clamp Time
Product Types

Adhesive & Reactive Hot Melt


Product Testing

Test PerformedTest Results
Clamp Time30-60 Minutes 
Color - ISOAmber Brown  
Full Cure24 Hours 
Lap Shear ABS - ASTM D1002440 psi 
Lap Shear Acrylic - ASTM D1002480 psi 
Lap Shear Aluminum - ASTM D1002720 psi 
Lap Shear Maple - ASTM D1002940 psi 
Lap Shear PVC - ASTM D1002394 psi 
Lap Shear SMC - ASTM D1002530 psi 
Open Time - 1/8 inch Normal5-10 Minutes