IsoBond HM N1105

IsoBond HM N1105 is a one-component reactive hot melt adhesive that combines quick initial bond strength that continues to develop strength after application in the presence of atmospheric moisture. It reaches 50% of its final hardness within 10 minutes. IsoBond HM N1105 cures into a cross-linked inert structure providing exceptionally high adhesion on a wide variety of substrates while also maintaining superior resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals. It provides structural bonds on wood products and has mechanical strength meeting or exceeding many commonly used plastics such as acrylic; ABS; and FRP.

IsoBond HM N1105 has an excellent initial bond; dramatically reducing downtime for a more efficient and productive manufacturing process. Ideal results are obtained when one of the surfaces adhered is permeable to humidity. Impermeable surfaces may require pre-misting to allow thorough curing of the adhesive. Plastics that may have mold release on the surface should be wiped with isopropyl alcohol and allowed to dry before application of IsoBond HM N1105. Once set; the material can only be removed by mechanical means and it should not be removed by burning.


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  • Multi-component Construction
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Wood & Furniture Assembly


  • Excellent initial and final bond
  • High-strength bonds resistant to temperature extremes and chemicals
  • One-component eliminates mixing for less waste
  • Promotes adhesion on wide variety of substrates
  • Solvent-free to meet stringent environmental regulations
Product Types

Adhesive & Reactive Hot Melt


Product Testing

Test PerformedTest Results
% Solids100 % 
Elongation - ASTM D412668 % 
Full Cure72 Hours 
Hardness - ASTM D2240 - Shore D48 Shore D 
Lap Shear ABS - ASTM D1002832 psi 
Lap Shear Acrylic - ASTM D1002746 psi 
Lap Shear Aluminum - ASTM D1002301 psi 
Lap Shear Maple - ASTM D1002701 psi 
Lap Shear SMC - ASTM D1002505 psi 
Open Time - 1/8 inch Normal1.45 Minutes 
Open Time - ASTM D4497 - 20 mil1.5 Minutes 
Open Time - ASTM D4497 - 4 Mil1.15 Minutes 
Set Time - Wooden Block - Normal1.5 Minutes 
Tear Strength - ASTM D624, Die C520 pli 
Tensile Modulus - ASTM D41226,400 psi 
Tensile Strength - ASTM D4122,926 psi