IsoBond HM 1110

IsoBond HM 1110 is a one-component reactive hot melt adhesive ideal for bookbinding with low viscosity and high flexibility. Once cured; it provides strong; temperature resistant bonds. It is also useful for bonding many common plastics to wood for non-structural applications.


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  • Automotive Components
  • Book Binding
  • Edge profiling, banding
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Plastics
  • Point-of- Purchase Displays
  • Various OEM Applications
Product Types

Adhesive & Reactive Hot Melt


Product Testing

Test PerformedTest Results
% Solids100 % 
Elongation - ASTM D412420 % 
Full Cure72 Hours 
Hardness - ASTM D2240 - Shore D35 Shore D 
Lap Shear ABS - ASTM D1002558 psi 
Lap Shear Acrylic - ASTM D1002552 psi 
Lap Shear Aluminum - ASTM D1002248 psi 
Lap Shear Maple - ASTM D1002708 psi 
Lap Shear PVC - ASTM D1002298 psi 
Lap Shear SMC - ASTM D1002558 psi 
Open Time - 1/8 inch Normal80 Seconds 
Open Time - ASTM D4497 - 20 mil10 Seconds 
Open Time - ASTM D4497 - 4 Mil8 Seconds 
Set Time - 1/8 inch45 Seconds 
Set Time - Wooden Block - Normal45 Seconds 
Tear Strength - ASTM D624, Die C389 pli 
Tensile Modulus - ASTM D41222340 psi 
Tensile Strength - ASTM D4121020 psi