Isothane 510

Isothane 510 is a high solid, two-component aliphatic polyurethane floor topcoat. This seamless system exhibits extraordinary performance characteristics when applied over epoxy primed or urethane coated rigid substrates, such as concrete, plywood and composites. It has excellent high gloss and color stability, even under harsh UV exposure. This topcoat creates an extremely tough, chemical and abrasive resistant finish. Recommended for auto service centers, warehouses, computer rooms, laboratories, aircraft hangers, cafeterias, exterior tanks, indoor or outdoor service and chemical exposure areas. It can be applied by roller, brush or squeegee.


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Technical Data Sheet


  • Chemical Plants
  • Clear Finish Coat for Various Decorative Concrete Applications
  • Interior or Exterior Applications
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Floors


  • Chemical and Abrasion Resistant
  • Excellent Color Stability and Clean-ability
  • Hi Gloss, Semi-Gloss & Matte Finishes
  • Hot Tire Stain Resistance
  • Superior Gloss Retention
Product Types



Product Testing

Test PerformedTest Results
% Solids - by Volume76-80 % 
Color - POLClear, See Isotec Color Chart  
Elongation - ASTM D41215-20 % 
Full Cure3-5 Days 
Hardness - ASTM D2240 - Shore D60 D 
Pot Life - 100g60 Minutes 
Ratio by Volume - ISO:POL2 : 1  
Recoat Window10-24 Hours 
Recommended Film Thickness3-6 mils 
Return to Service - Foot Traffic20-24 Hours 
Return to Service - Heavy Traffic5-7 Days 
Taber Abrasion Resistance - ASTM D4060 - 1000rev, CS 1714-18 mg 
Tack Free Time4-10 Hours 
Tear Strength - ASTM D624, Die C255 pli 
Tensile Strength - ASTM D4124300 psi 
VOC180-220 g/L