IsoKote™ 1000

IsoKote™ 1000 forms a lubricating; heat stable non-carbonizing film that gives excellent release; surface definition; and mold cleanliness. It is inert; will not corrode metal or plastic molds and does not give off noxious odors at elevated temperatures.IsoKote 1000 will not decompose under long exposure to high temperatures 400° F (204° C) associated with some polyurethane; epoxy; and Viton molding operations. IsoKote 1000 is equally suitable for polysulfides; polyesters; and rigid and flexible molds. It has unusually low surface tension; spreads easily and rapidly without “fish eyes”. IsoKote 1000 is cost effective; produces fewer rejects when properly applied; and will not discolor light colored stocks.




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December 18, 2020