IsoCoat UKS 8001

Isotec’s IsoCoat UKS 8001 is an exterior single-component, aromatic, moisture-cure, elastomeric polyurethane coating designed for use as a sports surface coating where high
abrasion resistance and durability are required. It can be applied by rolling, brushing, or spraying. IsoCoat UKS 8001 is available in black or red. IsoCoat UKS 8001 can also be color


Product Types

Sports Surfacing


Product Testing

Test PerformedTest Results
% Solids85-90 % 
ColorRed and Black  
Elongation - ASTM D638367 % 
Gardner Tack Free Time - ASTM D5895 - 20 mil, 74°F18 Hours 
Gardner Tack Free Time - ASTM D5895 - 5 mil, 74°F15 Hours 
Percentage Solids5b  
Tensile Modulus - ASTM D412436 pli 
Tensile Strength - ASTM D6383124 psi 
Viscosity - ASTM D-2196 - 74°F, ISO900-2000 cps 
Weight per gallon - ISO11.2-11.5  

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August 12, 2020