IsoCoat NRN 7060 FR

IsoCoat NRN 7060 FR is a 100% solids, state-of-the-art, VOC-free, plural-component, pure polyurea elastomeric membrane. This seamless system exhibits extraordinary performance characteristics by creating a waterproof film that protects the surface beneath the coating. Isocoat NRN 7060 can withstand extreme mechanical loads, impacts and high abrasion and has excellent adhesion properties to both concrete and metal. This inherently sound dampening coating can be applied to be non-slippery. This membrane achieves an extremely tough, flexible, chemical and abuse resistant finish for a wide range of applications.


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  • Aquariums
  • Cold storage areas
  • Concrete or earthen containment areas
  • Cooling tower liners
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Floor and wall systems
  • General industrial plants
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Pipe coatings (interior/exterior)
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Tank Linings
  • Truck beds & steel coating
  • Vehicle Frame & Body Coating
  • Waste water tanks and facilities


  • Fast cure; can be handled/walked on in less than 1 minute
  • Fungus resistant
  • Higher Elongation & Greater Flexibility
  • Near Instant Gel Time
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Seamless & can be applied at any thickness
  • USDA Approved for Incidental Food Contact
Product Types



Product Testing

Test PerformedTest Results
Color - ISOLight Yellow  
Color - POLBlack  
Elongation - ASTM D412250 % 
Flame Spread - ASTM E-84Class A  
Flame Spread - ASTM E108Class A  
Flame Spread - FMVSS 302Pass  
Flexural Modulus - ASTM D79056000 psi 
Full Cure24 Hours 
Hardness - ASTM D2240 - Shore D50-51 Shore D 
Moisture Vapor Transmission (30 mils) - ASTM E96.02  
Ratio by Volume - ISO:POL1:1  
Ratio by Weight - ISO:POL1.1:1  
Smoke - ASTM E-84Class A  
Sprayed Gel Time3-4 Seconds 
Sprayed Tack Free Time10-12 Seconds 
Tear Strength - ASTM D624, Die C450 pli 
Tensile Modulus - ASTM D412 - 100%1800 psi 
Tensile Strength - ASTM D4122500 psi