IsoSpray 40W041

IsoSpray 40W041 is a two-component; rigid polyurethane spray-foam system designed for reinforcement applications. This system is 100% reactive and the finished product does not off-gas. This system yields excellent coverage with a very smooth foam surface.


Product Types



Product Testing

Test PerformedTest Results
Color - ISODark Brown  
Color - POLPale Yellowish  
Cream Time3-5 Seconds 
Free Rise Density3.8-4.2 lbs/ft3 
Gel Time20-26 Seconds 
Initiation3-5 Seconds 
Ratio by Volume - ISO:POL50 to 50  
Ratio by Weight - ISO:POL55 to 45  
Rise Time8 Seconds 
Tack Free Time8-12 Seconds 

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December 18, 2020