Mold Releases

Molds deserve IsoKote™

With four proprietary and cost-effective formulations, IsoKote provides the ideal solution for foam, gel, RIM, composites and elastomer mold release applications.

These non-transferring, environmentally friendly, water-based mold release agents optimize the quick – and clean – release of all molded products, while extending mold life. And IsoKote allows for immediate mold re-prep, thus reducing shot cycle time,

  • Our M1 IsoKote is used for integral skin foam and rigid foam molds.
  • M2 is widely used for shoe sole, cast urethanes, RIM and composites applications.
  • The R1 IsoKote product is used specifically for rubber elastomers.
  • R2 can be used for all other elastomer applications.

All four of these products effectively prevent mold build-up, allowing molds to stay cleaner up to 10 times longer. And all IsoKote products are VOC-free.

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