ISOBOND™ JT182-2 is a single-component, solvent-free, moisture-cure polyurethane binder. IsoBond JT182-2 is designed for binding rubber granules in the installation of synthetic sports surfaces. IsoBond JT182-2 is formulated to provide an extended working time when working with specially designed pavers.


ISOBONDHBN 5105 is a series of  single-component, 100 % solids, moisture-cured polyurethane binders that are designed for bonding particles together (typically crumb rubber). The resulting composites are used in the manufacture of running tracks, playgrounds, and other synthetic play-surfaces where energy absorption and other impact criteria are important. The cure profile HBN 5105 binders allow for either batch-mix or continuous application processes.


ISOBOND™ AHM 1106 is a light-stable one-component reactive hot melt adhesive suitable for window glazing or outdoor use where discoloration is undesired. Isocase AHM 1106 meets or exceeds the physical requirements of the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association as described in AAMA 800-08. Its low viscosity is ideal for high-speed automated application in window and door manufacturing. It provides bonds exceeding the mechanical strength of 1/8” nontempered glass in most cases.


ISOBOND™ HM 1110 is a one-component reactive hot melt adhesive ideal for bookbinding with low viscosity and high flexibility. Once cured, it provides strong, temperature resistant bonds. It is also useful for bonding many common plastics to wood for non-structural applications.


ISOBONDHM N1101 is a one-component reactive hot melt adhesive workhorse that combines quick initial bond strength that continues to develop strength even after application in the presence of atmospheric moisture. It reaches 50% of its final hardness within just 10 minutes. IsoBond™ HM1101 cures into a cross-linked inert structure providing exceptionally high adhesion on a wide variety of substrates while also maintaining superior resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals. It provides structural bonds on wood products and has mechanical strength meeting or exceeding many commonly used plastics such as acrylic and ABS.


ISOBONDHM N1109 is a one-component reactive hot melt adhesive ideal for bookbinding with low viscosity and high flexibility.  Once cured, N1109 provides exceptional, temperature resistant bonds.  And it’s exceptionally useful for bonding most common plastics to wood when used for non-structural applications.


ISOBOND™ HBN 5200 is a quick-setting two-component adhesive. It is highly suited for bonding wood to itself or to other porous substrates, such as fabric or cardboard and can provide adequate wood to plastic adhesion in many cases. Flexible substrates adhered to wood by IsoBond HBN 5200 will tend to break before the adhesive. It also contains 35 to 45% naturally renewable material, giving it a “greener” profile than many adhesives. IsoBond HBN 5200 is packaged in cartridges and applied through a static mixer.


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