Redefining Satisfaction.

The challenges facing business and industry today are far more reaching than when we began operations in 1982. But from the start, a key ingredient of our DNA has been the ability not only to forecast, but to see these challenges as opportunities for growth. By coupling our passion and experience with prudent investments in people and technology, we’ve become well known as a reliable partner in crafting stable, profitable and sustainable product lines for both traditional and growth markets.

That said, our ultimate sense of pride comes from becoming a trusted partner for the customer who wants to create a new, or improved reality. So when we look at the reduced drag coefficient on the hull of a 42’ luxury craft built in Canada, or a 22% decrease on heel-strike impact from insoles of shoes running the NYC Marathon, or the increased strength and durability one of our products brings to the kitchens of a new subdivision in Texas, we’re reminded that we’ve successfully contributed to the ongoing process of evolution – and we’re keeping pace with it as Darwin never could have imagined.

Well, enough about us, how can we help you?